Hello to all

I’m still a 30 something south Londoner who spends most of his time as a communications advisor, husband, father, commuter, drinker and eater.

That’s in order of time spent

In order of preference it’s husband / father, drinker, eater and communications advisor

We are, alas, so often defined by our careers. I am however lucky to have fallen in to one that I love – of course not as much as my family and what it allows me to do.

Also, I am a passionate lover of sport, even though nowadays it’s mostly watching. The odd lazy left jab right uppercut into a heavy bag not withstanding.

This blog will start as a musing into all of these areas and we’ll see where it develops.

A change in my life has enforced a change in the name of this blog. The snappy title has to change; I’m now a father to two; Aidan and Hannah.

Life and the blog changes

All feedback welcome




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