What do girls want?

I have an admission to make.

I have no ideas what little girls like.

“So what?” I hear you ask and Miles Davis play.

Well, I’m a new father to a little girl called Hannah Violet Blewer. She’s going to grow up with a Dad who knows nothing about little girls or bigger girls.

It was a genuine fear when it became obvious that we had daughter. My first thought was “Aidan will be narked”, as he had wanted a brother. My second thought was “Kirsty and all my family will be delighted”. My final emotion was less singular.

“Wow it’s a girl. What do they like? I haven’t known a little girl since I was a little boy! How the hell am I going to do this?”

Since my initial seconds of panic, I’ve fallen into the rhythms of fatherhood to a baby whilst working long days. Kirsty does all the work, and my fears for the future are put to the back of my mind. Most of the time.

Funnily enough it’s Aidan that brings my fears back to the front of my mind. I sort of instinctively know that he’ll like running around in the park, playing sport, bit of rough and tumble. Standard boy stuff. Stuff I still like doing.

He loves going to Rugbytots. He loves soft play. He wants to learn how to play cricket, because his dad and grandad did.

My fear is of the unknown. Of little girls.

It’s great that there are girls at Rugbytots. Of course girls like playing on swings and climbing frames as well. Let’s be honest, it’s not now of the next year or two I’m really scared of.

It’s me I’m scared of. The scary protective dad whose first reaction is fear. “You can’t wear that. You can’t go there. You can’t do that. You can’t see him”

I’m going to do what we did with Aidan. Try as many things as possible and see what Hannah likes. If she likes it, no matter what it is, that’s the main thing.”

So what do girls like.

Any ideas?


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