Moloko (milk), Moscow

As some of you might know, I have done a fair amount of travelling in my career, particularly behind the old iron curtain, and also the Middle East. Eating out is always a treat. An escape from the work (which I love, but it can be tough) is vital and that release often comes in a nice place to have some nosh and a drink.

So it was in Moscow a few nights ago, where a few colleagues and I went out for what was a really great dinner. Good food, good company, plenty of booze in an attractive venue.

None of this was particularly elaborate. Bouncy fresh herring and potato with some chilled vodka, a really unctuous cheeseburger with great dill pickles and then a decent tiramisu. Add in a few bottles of peroni and an excellent espresso and I was a happy boy. I believe my colleagues were happy with their cocktails.

It was also a case that the whole was perhaps greater than the sum of its parts. I really felt we’d earned our food, as we’d really worked hard in the day, plus the effects of jetlag and the intensity of Moscow really gave us an appetite. It’s not that the food wasn’t good. It was excellent. It’s just that I think I appreciated it a little more, due to the circumstances.

Sometimes a place is just right, despite a number of issues that at other times would be reason to say “no thanks”. So it was with Moloko, which looks like the designer has spent a lot of time in the Wolsely in London. It was just what we needed, somewhere warm and comfortable that fed and watered us well. Whereas on my last trip it made me feel isolated, old, dowdy and poor, as that night I was on my own and it was full of glossy rich, beautiful young locals.

This time, it was just what was needed

Dvar piva e vodka xolodna pazhalusta!