Chateau Musar

I’ve always tried to work out whether I love drinking Chateau Musar because its a fantastic wine on its own, or whether the great story is so attractive to a romantic lush such as myself.

Firstly, its a great wine. it tastes incredible, smells like a mix of woodsmoke, summer fruit and herbs and goes with My favourite foods.

Then there’s the whole Bekka valley thing, and the fact the Hochar family managed to keep up production throughout one of the late 20th century’s nastier civil wars.

So we’re now at one of the great wine conversations, beloved of the French. That of terroir. Can I taste the dust of the Bekka in CM, or do I just want to? That the wine is unlike many, certainly in price point, is true. As someone that has been to many MENA countries but haven’t been in the Bekka I can’t give a full answer.

What I can say is that this is an incredible wine. I’ve drunk vintages from ’98 to 2003 and they’re all supple, smooth and make you wish for 1 litre wine bottles.

The fact that its “a bit different” doesn’t add to the taste, but does add to the chat around this wine. It adds a lustre and maybe a perfume that other similar grape mixes don’t have.

There’s soul in this wine that I haven’t had anywhere else. It’s like a mix of Bordeaux and Rhone and something intangible. Maybe that’s the terroir, or maybe it’s just my imagination.

But it’s what will keep me drinking it.


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