Quality Chop House, Farringdon

God, this place is good. The only problems for me are the very uncomfortable chairs, and slightly short wine by the glass list.

Apart from that, everything is brilliant.

From a well seasoned potted rabbit, to more morels on toast cooked in veal stock than you can buy for the price retail, going through a great pork chop and a braised short rib of beef that was anything but simple, this is serious top level cooking.

Even the wine by the glass is pretty good and well priced, plus you can drink a few kernel table beers whilst you’re waiting, as they’re only 3%, but taste like a full on modern IPA. If you don’t have to work later, bottles are well sourced and priced by the co-owner, who I believe is Jancis Robinson’s son.

I know everyone has already said this already, but I’ve been twice whilst working and I remember EVERYTHING I ate and drunk, and not just because I was making sure it was ok for expenses.

This is actually pretty rare and in my experience makes QCH stand out ahead of some well thought of and pretty good places; sardo, morro, Bocca do lupo, polpo, pizzaro and hawksmooor. I know they were all great. Apart from hawksmooor I wasn’t smashed in any of them, but my memories are of little snatches (quiet at the back) and of the company.

I loved it and wish it were somewhere more accessible for me, but then it means I get a treat every now and then.

Finally, the maitraisse d’ is a spit for ziva from ncis.

All in all a very good thing


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