Milk & Honey, Soho

I had a good night out with some old uni mates last night, drinking outstanding cocktails at m&h. As ever it was great, but something on the way got me thinking.

I bumped into a current and ex colleague on the corner of broadwick and wardour streets. They were looking for a decent bar in soho. Shouldn’t have been a problem, but they weren’t sure and I’m normally a pub man. In the end I suggested the Player on Broadwick and I believe they had a good night.

My point is as a member at milk and honey for approx 10 years, I don’t know any bars in soho, as if I want a cocktail, I go there. I’m sure there are gear bars around soho, I just haven’t got a clue, so am happy to get recommendations.

Anyway, onto milk and honey.

It’s still too dark and its been there so long the whole speakeasy / deco vibe is actually back in again. I happen to love jazz, but if you don’t, you’re going to get sick of it quickly, although I’d go whole hog and have some Coltrane and Monk

Anyway, it’s still great, and its all about classic cocktails. I had a few vodka Martinis (v dry, twist of lime) a few old fashioned and a few manhattans (sweet, one with bourbon, one rum). They were all excellent and the table all enjoyed other drinks such as pisco sours, aviations and caipirinhas.

We were on the public floor and it was full. Nice buzzy atmosphere with a pretty mixed crowd. Early 20s through to a couple finding love for the second time at least.

Staff were great. The Rushmore group has a rotation policy, but as they’re all quality joints this isn’t an issue. Nice bit of chat, very knowledgable, good advice on spirit choices for the drinks. What else could one want?

If you want a deco themed discrete bar for a few brilliant classic cocktails, this is the place to come. It is a members club, but there’s no rubbish about being invited and needing referees. Also the ground floor and basement are open to civilians, with members getting more space upstairs, including a smoking roof terrace.

I’ve been a member for a long time and I’d have to lose my job to give it up. The only downside? Try getting from soho to Croydon after drinking what I did.


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