I’m shocked, shocked!

So I work in a corrupt industry? That would appear to be the view of the learned judge presiding over the case against two PR people for fraud. See here for more details: http://www.prweek.com/uk/news/1179680/activision-frank-pr-duo-sentenced-fraud/

‘What is surprising is that cases like this are happening more and more often in your industry. But this is not the place to explore the PR industry.’

Forgive me for questioning a no doubt well educated and qualified member of his profession, but what encyclopaedic information does the learned gentlemen have as regards a large and diveresified industry that allows him to make comments such as these?

I’ve worked in communications since 2001, often on assignments that are intensely complex. I’ve work for sovereign states, energy and mining companies, ultra high net worth individuals and some of the most high profile corporations in the world. I’ve also worked across the world, specialising in “emerging markets”, primarily the post soviet space, Africa and the Middle East.

You might imagine therefore that my life is an long procession of brown envelopes, baksheesh and conspiracy.

Or not. There’s a pretty big community in London that does what, or something like I do. Whether its PR, banking, law, consulting I really don’t think there’s s much dodgy money floating around as m’learned friend imagines.

Sure there’s the odd black sheep and some firms, but the same could be said about most careers. Most journalists are straight, as are most bankers.

As Francis Ingham, boss of the PRCA commented on twitter (@PRCAingham), “there are criminals in every profession, we should not beat ourselves up about this”.

I’m not saying that we should not be vigilant. I am however suggesting that he who is without sin should throw the first stone.

Even if his name is 


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