Crown and Shuttle, Shoreditch

Interesting boozer this. Lots of beer, both old style hand pump session bitter and new keg American style IPA from funky new London micro breweries, there’s a lot I like about it.

I love the beer range which can work at lunch or after work. I love the fact that it’s a proper pub. I love the history of it being a boarded up strip pub gone under, now reinvented as a beer-hipster-hang out. The food shows promise as well, even if a few teething troubles need to be sorted,

So why do I remain not entity convinced?

Perhaps it’s the look a few of the staff have given me as I go to the bar. I’m not the smallest man in the world, and I tend to wear pinstripe suits, and smile less than I should, so I’m fairly obviously a certain demographic more often found about 150 yards south of here.

Maybe I’m paranoid, but I get the feeling they’d prefer hipsters to city boys in here.

Moving past my personal paranoia, this is going to be a great place. 4 smart young things have just walked past me, in addition to the skinny jeans brigade and its packed in only its third week of opening. The music’s eclectic but enjoyable and actually all e staff have been pretty much cool with me.

Finally, it’s a proper boozer. This isn’t a bar. It’s a pub that serves beer primarily and food as well. In today’s climate of closing pubs and shit factory beer, I’ll continue to drink to and in this place.

Mine’s a pint of Yakima Red.



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